Big money used to bring Musgrave down


Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave was the Richard Pombo of the 2008 election, targeted by the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund and others for her anti-environmental votes (the League of Conservation Voters gave her a 15 percent rating this year, in 2006 she had an 8 and in 2005, a zero). The Defenders spent a total of $1.6 million on her defeat (they spent about $1.5 million to unseat Pombo in 2006). Rated as the most conservative member of the House by the American Conservative Union, Musgrave -- representing eastern Colorado including Greeley and Fort Collins -- served her three terms as a Christian, pro-gun, anti-abortion, anti-labor, anti-gay legislator.

As they did with Pombo, the Defenders started attacking Musgrave early, despite conventional wisdom that voters aren't paying attention four months out from election day. Originally planning to spend about $500,000 on her race, they redirected funds from a campaign to defeat Steve Pearce when it appeared Tom Udall had the New Mexico Senate race sewn up. 

Unlike Pombo, Musgrave was not a powerful member of a committee dealing with the environment. But Defenders president Rodger Schlickeisen said "she stood out because we thought she was so out of step."

Ultimately, Democrat Betsy Markey defeated Musgrave 56 to 44 percent, although Musgrave has yet to concede the race.

Marilyn Musgrave
Adam Guilford
Adam Guilford
Nov 12, 2008 04:28 PM
I am glad to see little Miss Mouse Grave go back to private life, it is a shame that she lacks the class to bow out gracefully. She fit well with the GOP neo con team, but she will be clueless in the brave new world coming in sixty days....
Nov 15, 2008 09:27 AM
How utterly sad and unprofessional of Marilyn to refuse to concede the race and to graciously congratulate her opponent. Do you think she understands the link between these behaviors, and her current unemployed status? If you're reading this, Marilyn, it's never too late!