Today's best fire pics


This morning, the fires continue to burn in California, Utah, Arizona, Colorado and elsewhere. And the haunting yet beautiful fire photos continue to make their way into the Intertubes so that those of us who are lucky enough to be far away from the fires can experience them vicariously, and safely.

The L.A. Times probably has the most comprehensive selection of pics of the Station Fire. 

And the Sacramento Bee's "The Frame" photo blog has some of my favorites, especially the first in this series

This is an amazing, stop-action look from the Mt. Wilson tower cam, currently at the edge of the fire, but also threatened by the flames. 

And how about a couple of videos. The first, of a DC-10 tanker making a drop on the Station Fire, as captured by Fireground Action Photography, will get the adrenaline flowing. The second is a more tranquil view of 100,000 acres going up in flames, time-lapsed, with a Brian Eno soundtrack. Watch: