A dam marvel


Hundreds of feet above the Black Canyon's raging Colorado River, the longest concrete arch in the Western Hemisphere is almost complete. In a month workers will finish construction on the arch support of the Hoover Dam Bypass bridge, open to the public in fall 2010.

The new 4-lane bridge, on Highway 93, will replace the busy road on Hoover Dam, alleviating bottle-neck traffic and high accident rates by providing a safer route from Phoenix to Las Vegas and allowing truckers to return to a major NAFTA traffic route.

The Arizona Republic calls the project an "epic marvel," given the difficulty of building on faces of sheer rock and project challenges of drastic weather, accidents and one worker fatality.

When the bridge is complete, it will be the third-highest bridge deck in the country. How's that for modern marvels?

See more photos of the bridge construction here.

but will there be a bike path?
undead Abbey
undead Abbey
Jul 21, 2009 06:11 PM
Unfortunately, this road will not reduce accidents and deaths for the local residents. The bridge merely bypasses the curvy dangerous roads immediately adjacent to the dam, and vomits the traffic out onto the highway near Lake Mead National Park and through Boulder City.
Eric Davila
Eric Davila
Jul 22, 2009 02:38 PM
I don't understand how this "will not reduce accidents and deaths for the local residents"...

I mean, pulling the highway 93 traffic off the small roads will make them more safe, even if they are still windy, narrow, etc. Less thru-traffic yokels to run into, right?
Undead Abbey
Undead Abbey
Jul 23, 2009 12:37 PM
This will not reduce accidents, as the Truck traffic that was routed south through Laughlin and up 93 to come out on the road west of town will now come through Boulder City once again. All the bridge does is cut out the Dam section of road, there is no new route south of town. Accidents on the approaches to the dam were low, because speeds were low due to the extreme curves on the road. This bridge was constructed to keep Large trucks off the dam, and for no other purpose. Thru traffic yokels, as you so kindly refer to them, will increase.