Obama takes second best


Obama's speech last night at Invesco stadium was, hands down, one of the best I have ever heard. It was a night for the history books, even if the Republicans did their best to distract us from that fact with their left-field nomination of Sarah Palin. But Obama's speech was only the second best of all the speeches I heard this week in Denver. The best was by Walt Gasson.

Gasson is a Wyoming native, a sportsman, and a Republican. And he's "mad as hell" about the impacts that the oil and gas boom is having on his state. He's not opposed to energy development done right -- and in the right places -- but he says that the heedless drilling going on right now is the biggest threat to wild lands and wildlife that he's ever seen.

Wyoming residents, he says, are  losing their "home places," "the places we live for, the places, we love, the places we bequeath to our children like precious family heirlooms. That's the true price of drilling in the West -- the loss of home place for each of us, for our children and our childrens' children."

I won't tell recount his whole speech, because we're hoping that he'll write for High Country News in the future, and I'd hate to steal his thunder. But I don't think that anyone who listened to it will ever look at oil and gas quite the same, even if they never make it to Wyoming to see the land that we've sacrificed at the altar of cheap energy.

As Gasson put it, "maybe you're never going to stand on a butte in the Red Desert and Be able to see a hundred miles. Maybe you'll never experience that silence so deep you can feel it in your soul. But let me ask you this: don't you think that somebody should? Even if you never see it or touch it or feel it, wouldn't you just like to know it's there?"

Best Speech?
Aug 29, 2008 06:12 PM
You must not have heard many speeches in your life. What was so great about Obama's speech? It was mostly stale anti-Bush rhetoric; he is not running against Bush! Kerry tried this and the people rejected him, as they will Obama, people want ideas not bitching and moaning. The addition of Sarah Palin seals the deal, McCain is the next president.
Where did you come from Mike?
Nathan Schulfer
Nathan Schulfer
Aug 30, 2008 08:41 AM
Bitching and moaning? Stale anti-Bush rhetoric? Mike, your response leaves much to question... since I'm not convinced you watched the speech. A wealth of ideas, from energy development to taxation and foreign policy to the affordability of college were addressed; and these are issues pretty important to the majority of Americans. Yet, as often happens with folks who lack personal opinion, they ride innuendo and end with statements about sealing deals, with absolutely zero commentary about how or why. Mike, at least give us something to have a conversation about.
Who has the ideas again?
Adam Guilford
Adam Guilford
Sep 12, 2008 05:32 PM
Mike , you have to be kidding ....if elected, the woman is not ready to take over should anything (god forbid) happen to McCain. She is like a doe in the headlights. Tell me why should we vote for someone who used her public office to try to get her brother in law fired over a private family dispute?!? When she was a mayor she also tried to fire the local librarian for refusing to censor books that offended her personally. These are examples of very poor judgement . Also, consider that the tax burden that has been taken off of the Big Corporations and wealthiest Americans has been put square on the backs of small businesses and regular citizens like you and me. The Republican party has been directly responsible for that. McCain & Palin promise to continue this asinine policy , Obama gives us a chance to reverse it. I think the only "stale rhetoric" in this campaign is the whole "if you vote for Obama the sky will fall" message that is central to McCain/Palin's entire vapid campaign . they are the ones "bitching and moaning" not us. And by the way , what part of Iraq is Osama Bin Laden in again? Bush/Cheney have made major strategic errors that have not only prevented the capture of Bin Laden , but have also seriously weakened our Nation, , and strengthened our enemies.... especially Iran! McCain will continue that mistaken policy too. Obama plans on redeploying troops to Afghanistan, which we should have been concentrating on all along, you are the one who needs to stop whining and thinking emotionally. A vote for Obama is a vote for a stronger more sensible foreign policy , as well as a more sensible domestic policy too. A vote for McCain is a vote to continue Bush's mistakes....I don't expect you to listen to reason , obviously you would rather make your decision based on fear and irrationality instead of what is best for America. I just hope there are enough us with the courage to not give in to "stale rhetoric" that has been pawned off by all of you Neo Con Men from Gingrich to DeLay to Bush/Cheney to the current sad charade of McCain/Palin

Sincerely , Adam Guilford...... Colorado