DNC '08

High Country News blogs from Denver, Colorado during the Democratic National Convention.
Environmental swing voters? Nah.
Defeated Senate candidate doesn't think the environment means much to New Mexicans.
A seat at the policy table
American Indians work with the Obama campaign to raise the visibility of native issues.
A view of Obama from the West
Stadium political-fest gets a couple of New Mexicans fired up
Choirs on the corner
A jolly band of locals sings "Goodnight Bush" on the streets of downtown Denver.
It's not all about parties and rallies.
Drill Here. Drill Now. Part II
Democrats' voices on energy drowned out by ... protesters.
Drill Here. Drill Now. Pay Less?
There are nuggets of substance buried in the Convention circus. But is anyone listening?
Freegin', part 2
Livin' large on a tight budget at the DNC.
Freegin' the Convention
HCN does the Convention on the cheap.
Gratuitous Celebrity (and editor) Photo
Yes. Even High Country News editors fall under the spell of celebrities from time to time.
I fish, I hunt, I vote ... Democrat?
Sportsmen say their vote is up for grabs.
Johnny Five and the bomb squad
HCN exclusive: Boulder County's Bomb Squad -- robot and all -- checks out a "suspicious package."
Lobbypalooza, Denver '08
The convention provides an opportunity for a little honest graft.
Little consensus among energy experts
From cap and trade to consumption, conventioneers struggle to find solutions.
Obama takes second best
A Wyoming native's passioned indictment of the oil and gas industry.
Protest makes waves
Led by vets against the war, a huge protest finally gets noticed at the DNC.
Rocking the Native vote
American Indians comprise a significant proportion of eligible voters in the Western swing states. Can they help swing them for Obama?
Schweitzer on Bloggers, energy and guns
Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer makes an appearance at the big tent to see the bloggers.
Schweitzer speaks!
Montana Governor gets prominent place on convention agenda
Stegner at the DNC?
Mark Udall on the big stage.
The entrepreneurs
How to make a buck on the streets of the DNC.
The Las Vegas of Politics
When the convention comes to Denver, it feels a bit like another Western city.
The many faces of protest at the DNC
From anti-abortion activists to 9/11 conspiracy theorists to Hillary supporters, the convention is hopping with protesters.
Video: Coalition rallies for peace
Iraq Vets Against the War march with other anti-war groups to the convention.
Walking for Obama
Young voter shows her colors in Republican community.
The High Country News team has landed in Denver. Stay tuned for more under-the-radar coverage from the Democratic National Convention.