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  • The West loses a scrappy daily paper

    Shea Andersen says the now-shuttered Albuquerque Tribune, a Pulitzer Prize-winning paper, will be missed.

  • Wildfire can make you run for your life

    The writer and friends interrupt their campout to run for their lives from a fast-moving forest fire

  • Proposed mine threatens ecosystem

    Activists fear a proposed nickel mine on Rough and Ready Creek in Oregon's Siskiyou National Forest could harm a unique ecosystem.

  • Ski resort plans ruffle feathers

    Conservationists are unhappy about development company Jeld Wen Inc.'s proposal to build an "ecologically sensitive" ski resort at Pelican Butte in Oregon's Cascade Mountains.

  • Paying to play in the Sawtooths

    For the first time ever, it costs to hike in Idaho's Sawtooth National Recreation Area, but many users are forgetting or refusing to pay the $2 a day fee.

  • Forester retreats on grazing rules

    Sawtooth National Forest Supervisor Bill LeVere, under pressure from Idaho's congressional delegation, withdraws his controversial grazing rules.

  • Forest supervisor shows Congress some dirty pictures

    Idaho's Sawtooth National Forest Supervisor Bill LeVere faces fierce criticism from Rep. Helen Chenoweth and ranchers for his crackdown on overgrazing, but so far refuses to back down.

  • 'Ugly' addition must go

    The Forest Service wins a lawsuit over an illegal addition to an A-frame house on private property in Idaho's Sawtooth National Recreation Area.

  • Triage for trees attacked

    Southern Oregon environmentalists say the Forest Service is "killing the patient" by logging fungus-infected Port Orford cedars.

  • Move over, Catron County

    Lake County, Ore., wants to buy the 1 million acres of Forest Service land within its boundaries.

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