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  • Obama picks a moderate

    Obama picks a moderate

    Some are disappointed, but Rocky Barker thinks Ken Salazar is a good choice to head Interior.

  • Who will be the West’s new boss?

    Who will be the West’s new boss?

    The Interior secretary is the nation's top wildlife manager and federal landlord, managing 507 million acres, 600 dams and 68 percent of the nation's energy reserves.

  • The roadless issue rambles on through the courts

    The roadless issue rambles on through the courts

    Rocky Barker on the endless struggle over protecting the national forests’ roadless areas.

  • A Western woman redefines the presidential race

    A Western woman redefines the presidential race

    Rocky Barker thinks Republican vice presidential pick Sarah Palin has a good shot at winning the West for John McCain.

  • The next fires will be anytime, all the time

    Rocky Barker remembers the Yellowstone fires of 1988, and warns that in today’s hotter, drier West, gigantic, uncontrollable blazes are going to become an everyday occurrence.

  • Tribes make a controversial deal on salmon

    Rocky Barker says four Northwestern tribes stopped fighting the federal government over dam-breaching on the Snake River largely because they could read the political writing on the walls.

  • A deadly Western myth rides toward the sunset

    Rocky Barker wants to bury the Marlboro Man, whose myth did much to glamorize smoking, killing millions of people, including his parents.

  • The inevitable fires next time

    Rocky Barker warns us that the new West is a world of inevitable, long-lasting and increasing forest fires.

  • Delisting wolves won’t change much in the West

    Rocky Barker says wolves are protected by public sentiment -- even in Idaho, where the governor wants to shoot one.

  • Interior's new secretary — general or footsoldier?

    Newly appointed Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne has a chance to use his deal-making abilities to bring change to the way Western public lands are managed

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