Items by Ray Wheeler

A monumental clash of values over Utah
The gulf between the views of wilderness preservation of the Old and New West is unbridgeable.
To comment on the Utah Wilderness bills
Addresses of Senate and Representative offices to comment on the Utah Wilderness bills.
Congress weighs the fate of Utah's wild lands
The battle over wilderness preservation in Utah is fought on many fronts before it comes to a vote in Congress.
A 4 million acre difference
A checklist highlights the difference between the area preserved by the Utah Public Lands Act of 1995 and the Redrock Wilderness Act.
Utah hearings misfire
Utah's wilderness hearings stir controversy and draw vigorous support for more wilderness designation.
Whither the Colorado Plateau?
Until the early 1980s, southern Utah was a battleground against extractive industry. But many here are also opposed to industrial tourism. Is there a middle way that can support the region's small communities?
The trauma of shifting economies, and ideologies
Ray Wheeler wanders across southeastern Utah, attempting to discover why the area is so bound to extraction, even against its own economic interest, and whether change is possible.
Last Stand for the Colorado Plateau, Part 2
An effort to create wilderness in the La Sal Mountains near Moab, Utah, highlights infighting between the state's conservation groups.
Last stand for the Colorado Plateau, Part 1
Half of Utah -- and the vast majority of its BLM wilderness candidates -- lies in the hotly contested and spectacular Colorado Plateau.