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  • Admitting ignorance can be a good thing

    Admitting ignorance can be a good thing

    Our rapid resource development has led to mass extinctions. Why don't we slow down?

  • Ted Nugent doesn’t speak for me

    Ted Nugent doesn’t speak for me

    Hunters, gun owners and NRA members need an articulate spokesman, but a loudmouth like Ted Nugent is not the ideal candidate.

  • A conversation I look forward to having with the NRA

    A conversation I look forward to having with the NRA

    A lifetime member of the NRA is skeptical of the group's paranoia about President Obama’s gun-control plans.

  • The NRA needs someone like me

    Pat Wray is running for the board of the National Rifle Association because he believes it needs to start defending the wildlife and habitat that hunters need – not just the guns they use.

  • A hunter goes lobbying

    A group of hunters and fishermen visit Sen. Gordon Smith (R-Oregon) to ask him to sign on as a co-sponsor of the Lieberman-Warner bill to control greenhouse gas emissions.

  • What’s worse than an unethical hunter?

    Pat Wray loves hunting and agrees that off-road vehicles have their place, but, he says, hunting and ORVs do not go together.

  • What’s the NRA’s beef with roadless areas?

    A hunter and member of the National Rifle Association is angry at the way the group puts gun ownership above roadless areas, wildlife, and hunting

  • Why one hunter is fed up with the NRA

    The writer is a longtime hunter who’s fed up with the National Rifle Association

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