Items by Paolo Bacigalupi

A Hot Day’s Night
A Hot Day’s Night
New fiction from the author of 'The Windup Girl.'
The persistence of bigotry, Western-style
The persistence of bigotry, Western-style
A father of a biracial child listens to the casually racist jokes of his rural Colorado neighbors.
The Tamarisk Hunter
In the desert Southwest of 2030 Big Daddy Drought runs the show, California claims all the water, and a water tick named Lolo ekes out a rugged living removing tamarisk.
It’s true: Guns don’t kill people
The writer says Vice President Cheney’s gun "accident" is a mischaracterization
Just push it
The writer lauds the human-powered lawn mower
Have another pig-brain/beef-blood/chicken-spine hamburger
Now that mad cow disease is here, even carnivores have to think twice before biting into a hamburger, because the odds are that it’s not really a hamburger after all
Have another pig-brain/beef-blood/chicken-spine hamburger
Paolo Bacigalupi looks inside his last burger and vows, "No more!"
Living on the sharp edge of diversity
In a small Western Colorado town, dark-skinned people stand out with the clarity of bull’s-eyes.
A NIMBY and proud of it
The term "NIMBY" is used as a term of abuse, but the writer says that when it comes to things like coalbed methane drilling on Colorado's Western Slope, he is eager and proud to declare: NOT IN MY BACKYARD.