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Utah can boast of a living work of art
Utah can boast of a living work of art
Visiting the Great Salt Lake and Robert Smithson’s brilliant Spiral Jetty.
In defense of bibliopedestrianism
In defense of bibliopedestrianism
A writer’s love of reading while walking in Nevada’s Great Basin desert.
The Great Plains is the latest new frontier
The Great Plains is the latest new frontier
Local entrepeneurs could revive a dying region.
Dancing to Biederbecke in Montana
In The Willow Field, his first novel, memoirist William Kittredge serves up an old-fashioned potboiler
Big yellow taxi — in Duke City
Yellow Cab is anthropology professor Robert Leonard’s poetic account of his after-dark journeys as a cab driver in Albuquerque
At Yucca Mountain, deadlines take precedence over science
The Bush administration is ignoring the warnings of the Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board created by Congress, and is racing ahead with its plans to store nuclear waste at Nevada’s Yucca Mountain
Blowing the whistle on Yucca Mountain in Nevada
The writer tells why he quit a scientific panel that studied Yucca Mountain's suitability for storing nuclear waste
Muscle car of the prairie
The writer reminisces about the time he was a teen-age boy and encountered "nature" with Leviathan, his 1966 Pontiac LeMans, on the plains east of Aurora, Colo., which he discovered was a place of rugged beauty.
Forest Service survives very well
The Bridger-Teton National Forest personnel is fairly and competently administering this forest according to the will of the people, as expressed by the Congress of the United States.
Gila Wilderness: Pocket of isolation
The Gila Wilderness -- the world's oldest formally protected wilderness area -- is an area of startling contrasts. In the canyons, brilliant red-flowered cacti bloom from crevices in the walls and purple violets flower in the damp maple, alder and oak streamside forests.
Cinderella Sunshine: A tale of two principalities
Once upon a time there were on the Kingdom of Earth two major principalities -- Ruritania and Metropolitania. They were linked together by the Royal Road of Progress and a secret underground passageway called Deals.