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  • Whirling disease hits Yellowstone

    Yellowstone National Park’s cutthroat trout, already threatened by illegally introduced lake trout, are now facing increasing danger from whirling disease

  • Rebuilding a road to prosperity

    Residents of Packwood, Wash., want to attract tourists with a rebuilt highway through Mount St. Helens National Monument, but conservationists and scientists say the road would impact wildlife and be dangerous and geologically unstable.

  • High court weeds out pesticides

    Under the Clean Water Act, aquatic pesticides can no longer be used in public waterways without a federal permit.

  • Will logging save the spotted owl?

    In Oregon, a plan to selectively log the Clatsop and Tillamook state forests is supposed to improve habitat for the threatened northern spotted owl, but conservationists have their doubts.

  • Wind power spins into the energy mainstream

    The largest wind farm in the world is being constructed on the Oregon-Washington border near Walla Walla, Washington.

  • Salmon plan grows a few teeth

    The Clinton administration's final Northwest salmon plan is tougher than earlier versions, but still stops short of dismantling four federal dams on the Snake River.

  • EPA reins in ranchers

    In Oregon, the EPA fines 10 ranchers for letting their cows' manure pollute streams and rivers.

  • Is a dredging project drowning?

    After 10 years of studies, an Army Corps of Engineers plan to deepen 100 miles of the Columbia River shipping channel is in trouble.

  • A watershed worth its weight

    The Nature Conservancy wants to buy Ellsworth Creek, a Washington watershed near the mouth of the Columbia River that is valued as a "typical Northwest forest ecosystem."

  • Killing salmon to save the species

    Northwestern hatcheries now kill excess hatchery salmon to prevent captive-bred fish from weakening wild species, but critics, including some Indian tribes, say this is wasteful and unnecessary.

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