Items by Mark Trahant

Demographic shifts and the Native voting block
Demographic shifts and the Native voting block
In 1980, 20 percent of the U.S. population was minority; today, 37 percent is.
Tribal sovereignty remains Alaska's unfinished business
Unlocking digital tools in Indian Country to build a new economy
Unlocking digital tools in Indian Country to build a new economy
Tribes need to invest in their young people -- and in technology
Four reasons why Keystone is a goner
Four reasons why Keystone is a goner
Climate change? Treaty rights? Sure, but the real killer is The Market.
Making sure every Native voter has the opportunity to cast a ballot
Keys to South Dakota Senate race: Tribal votes and Keystone XL
Keys to South Dakota Senate race: Tribal votes and Keystone XL
Is the die already cast for the upcoming election?
Senate, House nearing a budget?
Yes, thanks for nothing, but it’'s better than the alternative.
True Believers would destroy the Indian health system
A proposal to defund the Affordable Care Act could have grave consequences.
Congress quickly fixes the wrong problem
Airport delays take priority over Indian health and education
Dangerous talk from the Capitol
There is evidence that more money does improve Indian health
The state of Indian nations
'A moment of real possibility' in Indian country
Winning the day
Indian Country’s election year begins now
President Obama says Indian Country is at a turning point
But which direction is it heading?
Success stories fail to materialize in Indian country
Presidential meetings and promises aren't enough; a dysfunctional democracy hurts Native peoples
A journey through the "Era of Contraction"
Western roadtripping through changing rural economies
How federal budget cuts may hurt Indian Country
Job losses may be ahead at the BIA, hurting tribal employees.
Dental boot camp brings services to Alaska natives
Providers fight rampant tooth decay in areas with little care
Three Books from Indian Country
Mark Trahant recommends new Native American writing on old but urgent issues
Throw away the old playbook
Tribes and counties are better off working together as neighbors.
Are Indians and Westerners halfway to a lost decade?
We live in a subsidized region and need government help
Where are the jobs in Indian country?
Employment statistics -- and prospects -- are bleak in Indian country and beyond
Tribes need foreign policies
As the U.S. government contracts, Indians should look to other countries for investment.
American Indians suffer from high gas prices
Remoteness of many reservations leads to a reliance on fossil fuels
Indians await health care funding
Congressional budget wranglings leave Indian Health Services without money
Deflation Nation
Contraction policy will cost Indian Country thousands of good paying jobs
What is ‘Plan B’ for tribes during a government shutdown?
Concerns rise as budget wrangles continue
Health cuts and Indian Country
Political swings change little in Medicare and other programs
A new standard for tribal and U.S. relations
Will Obama's lip service lead to real changes for treatment of tribes?
Cobell, settled at last
Government finally accounts for Indian money mismanagement
So goes Alaska...goes Indian Country
Can other tribes become political power players?