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  • Defending the Red Desert's desolation

    Mac Blewer of the Wyoming Outdoor Council fears the impact coalbed methane drilling could have on the remote, wild landscapes of southern Wyoming's Red Desert.

  • Court nixes land exchange

    In Washington, a federal appeals court has ruled that the controversial Huckleberry Mountain land exchange needs more study.

  • Land swap reporter comments

  • Wheeling and dealing

    Land swaps, in which the Forest Service and BLM trade odd parcels of public land for ecologically valuable private land, have a long history in the West, but some say the trades too often profit land spectators at the expense of the public and the land.

  • The birth, life, and coming death of a Wyoming dam

    Someday the Shoshone Dam at the end of the North Fork of Wyoming's Shoshone River will be only a memory, transformed by its silted-up reservoir into a gigantic waterfall.

  • For some, horse meat ain't all bad

    Cultures around the world differ over whether horse meat is a suitable food for people.

  • A difference of opinion over numbers

    BLM and wild horse watchers disagree over how many of the animals roam Nevada and what kind of impact they're having in the state.

  • Wild horses: Do they belong in the West?

    The management of wild horses on Montana's Pryor Mountain's Wild Horse Range is caught between the love Americans have for the animal and the concern some environmentalists have for the impact it has on the land.

  • Jackson Hole tries "unnatural' elk management

    Some wildlife managers and environmentalists say the National Elk Refuge at Jackson Hole, Wyo., should end its policy of feeding elk every winter.

  • Desert sheep aren't exactly thriving

    The Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep's smaller relative, the desert bighorn, has problems of its own.

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