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Washington’s new clean-water plan is a mixed bag
Hope and history
Hope and history
A review of ‘In the Light of Justice’ by Walter Echo-Hawk
Will an apple a day keep the food desert away?
Will an apple a day keep the food desert away?
Reinventing the Garden of Eden in the Emerald City.
Butcher of Heartache on the Bering Sea
Butcher of Heartache on the Bering Sea
A former newspaper copyeditor finds his way onboard a fishing boat.
Voyage of the Dammed
Voyage of the Dammed
A small band of enthusiasts wants to re-engineer Western waterways with the help of a humble, hardworking professional: the beaver.
Boodog roasting on an open fire
You may not want to try this at home, but Spokane writer Kevin Taylor offers a traditional Mongolian holiday recipe – roasted marmot.
A leak-proof fuel tank? No such thing
Diesel fuel – leaking from a massive railroad refueling depot –slips into a major drinking water aquifer on the Idaho-Washington border.
Roadkill is a right and a privilege, and don't you forget it
A judge’s ruling proves you can get a free lunch – at least, if you live in northern Idaho, and you like to eat roadkill
Roadkill is a right and privilege, and don't forget it
The writer advises readers to bring a fork if they drive through northern Idaho: Roadkill moose could be on the menu
EPA puts cleanup in local hands
The planned Superfund cleanup of Idaho's Lake Coeur d'Alene is taken from the EPA and given to a controversial new local commission, although the Coeur d'Alene Tribe says it will force the EPA to take back the project, if necessary.
Chasing hope amid the hedonists
At the Burning Man Festival in Nevada's Black Rock Desert, an eccentric city is created and then destroyed, and lives are sometimes changed along the way.
Ghost of the Selkirks fading fast
The last herd of mountain caribou in the U.S. is down to 30-some animals, and biologists and conservationists say lack of funds stalls rescue work.