Items by James Mills

Expedition Denali, exploring why diversity matters
The National Outdoor Leadership School hopes to raise awareness by sending an African-American team to summit Denali
"The Way Home: Returning to our National Parks"
A new film follows African American seniors in Yosemite, raising awareness of national parks among people of color
In search of diversity in our national parks
In search of diversity in our national parks
One man's quest to understand why people of color are underrepresented in outdoor recreation and the conservation movement.
Freedom Ride West: Toxic Reality
EJ advocate Hilton Kelley delivered a message of urban renewal at Telluride Mountain Film
Freedom Ride West
Why do so few African-Americans travel to national parks of the West today?
America's Great Outdoors Diversity Initiative
The new plan may be missing a key component.
Snoop Dogg Called To Wild
Can the power of celebrity bring more people of color into the National Parks?
When Shelton met Oprah
High-profile talk show hosts hypes camping in Yosemite.
Environmental justice, one neighborhood at a time
Community initiatives often accomplish more than lofty international accords.
Environmental harmony
Environmental justice in the conservation movement