Items by Geneen Marie Haugen

Two factions face off over Grand Staircase-Escalante
Two factions face off over Grand Staircase-Escalante
A community in gridlock over the monument’s future.
American — and proud of it
There’s nothing like a trip to Europe to make an American appreciate living in a country that still has wilderness.
American — and proud of it
Scorned as an American by strangers abroad , the writer finds good reasons to be proud of her country
Super-heated Yellowstone and the restoration of awe
Writer Geneen Marie Haugen feels fear and delight as she soaks in a Yellowstone hot spring the day after earthquake tremors rocked the region
The West loses a conservation elder
Mardy Murie, who died in October at the age of 101, is remembered as the grande dame of conservation, one of the people who helped inspire the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
A conservation elder celebrates 101
Geneen Marie Haugen toasts the grande dame of conservation, Wyoming’s Mardy Murie, at 101 years old
A sense of wonder needs no name
Wild creatures are wonderful to encounter, even when they aren't the rare and spectacular species we long to see.
Outlaws on an upscale road
The writer remembers living in a tipi outside Jackson Hole, Wyo., 20 years ago, before the area turned into an enclave for the rich, and eccentric but affordable housing was outlawed.
The next great adventure: Stay home
In all the hoopla of magazines touting "adventure travel" and ecotourism, the writer wonders why folks don't consider just staying home for a change.