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  • My 15 years with that flaming guy

    My 15 years with that flaming guy

    Burning Man is becoming middle-aged, but still more fun than you can dream of.

  • Nature fierce and not so pretty

    Nature fierce and not so pretty

    Spend enough time around a bird feeder, and you’ll realize that nature is less like a poetic cartoon and more like a gritty crime novel by someone like Elmore Leonard.

  • The adolescent West

    The adolescent West

    Logan, Utah, needs to get over its adolescent angst and decide what it wants to be when it grows up.

  • Springtime is whine-time

    Springtime is whine-time

    Spring is the cruelest month in the Rocky Mountain West.

  • Burning Man was better next year

    Burning Man was better next year

    Events generally go through a cycle of being original and innovative, then progress to bigger and better, tapering off at last into predictable.

  • Wind power will blow your mind

    Dennis Hinkamp says that even though wind power – like everything else – is bound to have a downside, it’s the right way for us to go.

  • One oil change ago

    Dennis Hinkamp celebrates a long-term relationship in his town

  • Westerners sure love their mountain monikers

    The writer rides high over the region's monogrammed mountains.

  • Is Brokeback Mountain about the West? Sort of

    The writer adds up the ironies and contradictions of the movie everyone keeps talking about — Brokeback Mountain

  • The unbearable triteness of skiing

    Being a non-skier in a skiing-obsessed state like Utah is a lot like being a vegetarian in a slaughterhouse

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