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  • Wolves have a reputation that’s larger than life

    Some hunters are blaming the Big Bad Wolf for a decline in the northern Yellowstone elk herd, but Dan Whipple points out that recent weather – and Montana hunting policy – are more likely to be responsible.

  • National grasslands up for review

    Conservationists say a draft environmental impact statement on Northern Plains grasslands opens up too much land to the oil and gas industry.

  • A flagship forest in Wyoming shifts away from timber

    In the Bridger-Teton National Forest, timber is losing and wildlife and recreation may be winning.

  • The fatal accident: An Indian, a coyote and readers come to the rescue

    "I saw God when I worked for High Country News, and it surprises me that I have never been mentioned in the voluminous literature on the subject."

  • Montana fears Wyoming's 'water shovel'

    Wyoming and Montana are apparently approaching gridlock as they try to work out the details of apportioning water from the Yellowstone River Basin under the Yellowstone Compact.

  • Missiles, men and Armageddon

    The Rockies and Great Plains are home to virtually all of the United States' land-based nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs).

  • Playing presidential politics in Colorado ski country

    Gary Hart, Colorado's senior senator and the Rocky Mountain West's own presidential candidate, talks conservation in Snowmass Village.

  • They built it with silver and gold

    The water brought from the Colorado River by the $3.4 billion Central Arizona Project will be expensive.

  • Selling every seat in the House -- and Senate

    Widespread use of political action committees, a relatively new phenomenon on the American political scene, is driving politics in many Western states.

  • The puzzle of the Rocky Mountain high

    Does the Rocky Mountain identity really exist? Do people here feel the pull of regionalism like, say, midwesterners or New England natives?

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