Items by Charles Wilkinson

The Forest Service faces a test in Arizona
The Forest Service faces a test in Arizona
Will Forest Service efforts under the 4FRI program to reduce fuels in Arizona pay off? This summer will tell.
Will an illegal BLM study seal southern Utah's fate?
The deep flaws in the BLM's inventory of Utah wild lands may doom many irreplaceable landscapes that were eliminated from wilderness consideration.
Vine Deloria Jr.: Writer, scholar and inspired trickster
Vine Deloria Jr., author of Custer Died for Your Sins, is remembered as a witty, impassioned and iconoclastic writer, historian, and teacher, who fought for Indian peoples and their right to self-determination
West braces for Big Buildup II
The Big Buildup on the Colorado Plateau, begun in the 1950s, ended in the 1970s when its environmental impacts became clear, but if Bush's energy policy spawns a Big Buildup II, the Plateau may never recover.
A court deems a lake worthy of water
A law professor describes the legal process by which California's Mono Lake was preserved from the thirsty city of Los Angeles.
A tribute to the man who imagined the West we now seek to build
A writer reflects on the life and death of Wallace Stegner.
The end of multiple use
Although we are now in a transition stage, forces are in motion that will bring to an end the domination of national forests by timber harvesting.
A great loneliness of the spirit
The authors follow a young salmon, or smolt, from its spawning place in the high country downstream, past innumerable physical and bureaucratic barriers, to the ocean.