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  • Club supports flexible grazing policy

  • David Brower: Remembering the Archdruid

    Conservationists mourn the recent death of David Brower, former Sierra Club director, founder of Friends of the Earth and Earth Island Institute, and passionate fighter against dams and for the wild.

  • Wise-use power is overblown; the real threat is apathy

    Writer says the environmental movement has not lost clout yet.

  • Edward Abbey: druid of the arches

    The sudden death last week of Edward Abbey recalled to us this superb profile of the writer by Bruce Hamilton, who was HCN managing editor in 1976, when this story appeared.

  • EPA shrinks from regulating tons of dust stirred up by coal mines

    As coal mines proliferate, environmentalists are starting to realize that mining creates major air pollution problems, but federal agencies appear reluctant to regulate it and industry may not have the technology to control it.

  • Congress passes 'fantastic' park and recreation bill

    In its final hours, Congress passed a $1.2 billion National Park and Recreation Act that settles several of the nation's leading environmental controversies, including the fight over Mineral King in California.

  • Alaska: how the House was won

    A Sierra Club employee recounts his initiation as a lobbyist during the congressional battle over the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act.

  • Carter's water politics to strangle the West?

    The Carter Administration's proposals for reforming national water policy may ruffle the longstanding laws of prior appropriation, and have Western politicians and water user groups fighting mad.

  • Boise rediscovers geothermal

    Using geothermal energy to warm your home and heat your water may sound like a far-fetched idea, but some residents of Warm Springs Avenue in Boise, Idaho, have been doing it for 85 years.

  • Carter attacks dams; battle of the decade ahead?

    President Jimmy Carter has asked Congress to delete funds in the next fiscal year for 19 controversial water development projects.

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