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  • Students' snowmobiles show up industry

    In the Clean Snowmobile Challenge, held in Jackson, Wyo., university students from New York designed a cleaner, quieter snowmobile than the industry has ever made.

  • Backtracking

    "Backtracking: By Foot, Canoe and Subaru on the Lewis and Clark Trail" by Benjamin Long describes how the author and his wife quit their jobs to hit the road, retracing the journey of Lewis and Clark.

  • Take a walk

    Katie Alvord's book, Divorce Your Car! Ending the love affair with the automobile, offers reason, advice and good humor about reducing automobile use.

  • From cumbersome to collaborative

    "Reclaiming NEPA's Potential," a compilation of proceedings from a workshop on assessing the federal government's environmental actions to make the process more collaborative, is now available.

  • Looters beware: Tribes are fighting back

    In the Pacific Northwest, tribes are working with archaeologists and agencies to protect the area's frequently vandalized and looted Native American historical sites.

  • Salmon Corps

    The Salmon Corps trains young Native Americans in stream restoration work in the Northwest.

  • Finding fresh flora

    The Oregon Flora Project is working to create a comprehensive list of every plant that grows in the state.

  • Farm Bureau not for farmers

    Defender of Wildlife's report, "Amber Waves of Gain," accuses the American Farm Bureau of kowtowing to agribusiness at the expense of farmers and the environment.

  • A whir of wings

    In November, New Mexico's Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge hosts its annual Festival of the Cranes.

  • New developer thinks big

    Kennecott Utah Copper Corp. is proposing to build "Sunrise," a brand-new town on company-owned land in the Salt Lake Valley near South Jordan, Utah.

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