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  • Big water, big dreams

    Big water, big dreams

    A review of The Emerald Mile: the Epic Story of the Fastest Ride in History Through the Heart of the Grand Canyon by Kevin Fedarko.

  • In the land of getting nothing done

    In the land of getting nothing done

    A delegation of outdoor recreationists go to D.C. to lobby for climate action — and walk into the congressional shutdown.

  • Ski mountains move to stop climate change

    Ski mountains move to stop climate change

    Recreation is one potential casualty of a changing climate.

  • Are you strong? Remembering Randy Udall

    Are you strong? Remembering Randy Udall

    A friend remembers energy activist and outdoorsman Randy Udall after his death.

  • The Range Blog

    Are You Strong? Remembering Randy Udall

    Searchers found the body of the environmentalist, energy expert and outdoorsman in Wyoming on Wednesday.

  • Childhood's end

    Childhood's end

    A writer watches his kids grow up into a world he can never protect them from.

  • Great hope, great fear

    Great hope, great fear

    The threat of climate change is terrifying, especially for people who fear for their children's future, but there is still hope, if we start working together.

  • Journeys we take at home

    Journeys we take at home

    There’s nothing like an imaginative, lively 3-year-old boy to make a person slow down and remember how to play.

  • Small town, quirky lives

    Former intern Auden Schendler recalls life at "Intern Acres" in Paonia.

  • When a scientist becomes an activist

    When a scientist becomes an activist

    In his first book, Storms of My Grandchildren, NASA climate scientist James Hansen explains the truth of climate change and reveals why he has risked his career to bring the issue to light.

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