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Not "pristine", but still wild and unpredictable
Not "pristine", but still wild and unpredictable
In this new, human-dominated epoch, the "Anthropocene," every attempt at restoration is likely to be filled with tough and risky choices.
New podcast: The ski industry and climate change
The industry should do more to address its biggest threat
The ski industry, climate hawk?
The ski industry, climate hawk?
Aspen Skiing Company Sustainability VP Auden Schendler, and professional snowboarder Jeremy Jones on why ski corporations and pro athletes should step up to the climate crisis -- and how they can do it.
New podcast: Sun Tunnels, hitchhiking, the modern hobo
Just in time for summer travel season, we spend this episode of West of 100 wandering the West
Dear monsoon, please materialize
Could the drought-wildfire cycle be even more vicious than we imagined?
Three days in southwest New Mexico
Three days in southwest New Mexico
Santa Fe may be too ritzy for its britches, but the funky, far-flung towns of southern New Mexico still have that special "spice" that makes the state unique.
The Excursions Episode
The Excursions Episode
Thought-provoking jaunts to inspire your own Western wanderings this summer: a visit to Utah's Sun Tunnels; a peek into modern hobo culture; and a beginner's guide to hitchhiking.
Old and foul-mouthed
A good rule of thumb for measuring pollution from power plants: the older, the dirtier
The ideological war against renewable energy
Republicans attack one of their own sacred cows -- the military -- for diversifying its energy supply
New podcast: There's (still) gold in them thar hills!
The latest episode of HCN's new monthly podcast, West of 100, is now available. Tune in -- it's free!
There's (still) gold in them thar hills
There's (still) gold in them thar hills
Soaring prices are driving a new gold rush -- among mining behemoths and small-time prospectors.
Dear HCN: Reader survey responses
A sampling of what you had to say
Go down to the river and play
Digging the L.A. River out of a bureaucratic morass
Could Arizona go blue?
In recent years, several Western states have leaned from right to left. Is Arizona, of all places, next?
Lost and found waterways
Lost and found waterways
Rediscovering the forgotten rivers and streams of Los Angeles and Tucson.
All noisy on the Western front
New discoveries about the cascading impacts of noise on ecosystems
The sound of silence
The sound of silence
The world is getting noisier. Should we worry?
Money flows through it
Tycoons to watch this election season
All (climate concerned) eyes on D.C. court
In a high-stakes legal battle, EPA defends its ability to regulate greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act
Martinez making her mark
Love her or hate her, the N.M. guv is reshaping the state's political landscape
Obama's energy love fest
Obama overlooks the environment in his State of the Union address, but heaps attention on domestic energy development
Groundwater (mis)management
Big, unpermitted groundwater withdrawals for CAFOs hold up in Washington court
A tale of two wolf populations
The remarkably smooth recovery of gray wolves in the Great Lakes
Yellowstone to Yukon
Stitching habitat together across public and private lands
Stitching habitat together across public and private lands
Migrating animals can't read "no trespassing" signs, so it’s up to human beings to try to find ways to connect wildlife corridors that crisscross public and privately owned lands.
A caribou rescue?
The Lower 48's last caribou get critical habitat
Don't drink the (benzene) water
Pavillion, Wyo., residents learn what's in their tainted water, but can't say if gas drilling fouled it
The (slowly) changing face of energy country
In many corners of the Southwest, renewable energy potential remains just that
Clean air regulations protect park views by targeting coal plants
Clean air regulations protect park views by targeting coal plants
The Environmental Protection Agency is attempting to reduce haze from air pollution near national parks and wilderness; some coal-fired power plants are cleaning up their act and others will shut down.
A fatal fungus, revealed
Scientists pinpoint the cause of white nose syndrome, which has devastated Eastern bat populations and could move West