Items by Heather Abel

Utah wilderness proposal rises and dies
The Utah delegation's controversial wilderness proposal for southern Utah is defeated in Congress after a struggle.
Greens want to draft Nader
The Green Party will run a candidate against Republican Sen. Pete Domenici in New Mexico, and also wants to draft Ralph Nader as a presidential candidate.
The nuts and bolts of Western gambling
A survey of the West shows a variety of ways to gamble in every state but Utah.
Greenbacks shape campaigns
Idaho Rep. Helen Chenoweth is accused of misusing money; Utah's Enid Waldholtz will retire; Colorado Democrats are divided over ethics of accepting PAC money; in Oregon Peter DeFazio drops out of race to replace Mark Hatfield.
People respond to owning a piece of the earth's crust
Buying a personal dinosaur has never been easier, whether through art-work, auctions or the Internet.
I was a sheep rancher in western Wyoming
Rick Hebdon in his own words on digging fossils.
Fossils are being destroyed by people who are loving them to death
Archaeologist Bruce Louthan in his own words on fossil looting.
Dinosaur bones have really increased in price
Rock shop owner Lin Ottinger in his own words on fossil hunting.
Who owns these bones?
The Arizona Mineral and Fossil Show in Tucson highlights the growing controversy over who has the right to valuable fossils found on public lands.
Budget impasse leaves BLM scrambling
Washington, D.C.'s budget impasse throws BLM offices throughout the West into turmoil.
Williams leaves, Montana scrambles
Republican challengers race to fill the seat abandoned by retiring Democratic Rep. Pat Williams.
Big shoes empty in Oregon
Oregon Democrat Ron Wyden and Republican Gordon Smith battle acrimoniously for Bob Packwood's vacant senate seat.
Who felt the federal furlough?
During the 21-day federal furlough, some wealthy areas and industries such as skiing and logging keep going, while the West's poorest counties and its Indian reservations scramble to survive.
Allard takes aim
Colorado Rep. Wayne Allard inserts anti-environmental provisions into the 1995 Farm Bill.
Judge says counties aren't supreme
A federal court charges Nevada rancher Cliff Gardner with trespassing and orders him to remove cattle from Humboldt National Forest.
Thundering against Thunderbolt
The Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund hopes to prove the salvage sale called Thunderbolt in Idaho's Boise National Forest is "arbitrary and capricious" in one of the first lawsuits against a salvage sale.
Idaho hunters ask public to bear with them
Idahoans argue about banning some forms of bear hunting.
Watch out for guns
Several hunters die in shooting accidents in Colorado and Utah.
Lakotas want Crazy Horse off silver screen
Descendants of Crazy Horse protest a Turner Network Television movie about the Lakota leader's life.
Voters say yes to elk, no to takings, jets
In the Nov. 7 elections, environmental initiatives, like other initiatives, lost if they would have cost taxpayers money.
The anecdotal war on endangered species is running out of steam
Republican "horror stories" about the Endangered Species Act may be backfiring, as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the media begin a belated debunking of them.
Deals and delays for Dixie
Ranchers delay a Forest Service-ordered cutback in grazing on Boulder Mountain, claiming the agency falsified data.
Sleepy St. George wakes up to hate crimes
An arsonist burns a bookstore in St. George, Utah, in what the gay owners say must be a hate crime.
Navajo spoken here
Navajo Nation President Albert Hale orders Head Start programs on the reservation to begin teaching Navajo before English.
Public lands for needy ski resorts
National Forest Supervisor Sonny LaSalle offers a controversial solution to Summit County's housing shortage by suggesting ski areas build low-cost housing on Forest Service land.
From sawing logs to serving cappuccino?
The company town of Port Gamble, Wash., faces a future as a tourist town when its only sawmill closes.
Dam project could get a free ride
Colorado Republican Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell seeks to push ahead with dam construction on Animas-La Plata.
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Annoying boldface type; Patricia McColm's lawsuits; real estate ruckuses; driving is faster than flying DIA; preserving WPPSS; Belarussians in Utah Wal-Mart; lobster kidnapping; canola oil exhaust and bears; life is less fun.