Items by Marian Lyman Kirst

Bugs in the plan
Endangered American burying beetles may halt the Keystone XL pipeline
Friday news roundup: Uranium -- To mine or not to mine?
The feds ban mining around the Grand Canyon as a Wyoming project heats up
Colorado ski town zombification
A tourist's urban misadventures on the Western Slope
Pearls of discontent
A bitter battle rages between Park Service and California oyster farm
Creatures of the Monsoon
A look at the Arizona monsoon season's faunal frenzy
Learning curve
Is the Fish and Wildlife Service turning over a new leaf?
Bugs abound at summer's end
A photographic peek at some busy western insects
Industry Pot Calls Enviro Kettle Black
Watchdog report finds industry just as sue-happy as environmentalists
Incredible hummingbird facts
Incredible hummingbird facts
A brief sidebar lists a few of the amazing attributes of hummingbirds.
Friday News Roundup: Of Fuel and Frogs
A weekly look at headlines from the West
The Perils of Playing Favorites
Why insect conservation is a human imperative
Ancient Fish Gets Techno Boost
Advanced sonar helps pallid sturgeon biologists "see with sound"
Gutter Trash
Environmental criminals and their dastardly deeds
Welcome, new interns!
Welcome, new interns!
New interns Marian Lyman Kirst and Kimberly Hirai; correction.
Game on, Government!
The Safari Club threatens landmark wildlife agreements
Ignorance is blissless
A plea for environmental literacy in the West
Don't Forget The Little Guys!
A fond look at three unusual candidates for the Endangered Species Act
Montana Fly Shops Welcome New Customers: Hair Stylists
A hairstyle trend is boosting business for shops hurt by slow season