Items by Jodi Peterson

Cows vs. RATs
Grazing fees hardly change; campers and hikers pay extra.
The costs of coal
A new report touts coal -- and ignores its negatives
Kicking and screaming, the BLM makes a deal
Kicking and screaming, the BLM makes a deal
The petroglyphs at Nine Mile Canyon in Utah are finally receiving some protection from oil and gas development.
Native power in Tucson
Native power in Tucson
HCN sponsors a conference on energy development and environmental activism on the Hopi and Navajo reservations; visitors; planning; corrections.
Protection for jaguar spots
Finally, critical habitat for the big cat
The EPA rides again
The EPA rides again
Under Lisa Jackson, the Environmental Protection Agency swings into action, much to the dismay of ranchers and industry.
Petroglyph protection, at last
Utah rock art and historic sites shielded from gas development.
See you in 2010
Skipped issue; HCN interns and friends find jobs, get creative; Thomas J. Graff dies; corrections.
There's gold in that there test-tube
Green groups protest Park Service's bioprospecting plan.
The picture of forest health
Old and new photos tell a logging story.
Climate change by any other name ...
Western towns work on "sustainability" and "economic efficiency."
Holiday open house
Holiday open house
High Country News invites readers to a holiday open house; readers on road trips; board member John Heyneman joins Sonoran Institute’s Partnership for Wyoming's Future.
Doggone it
Black-tailed prairie dogs don't need listing, say feds.
Changing of the guard
Longtime HCN board members Dan Luecke and Felix Magowan step down; bat-chasers and bicyclists; and correction.
A cleaner coal?
A cleaner coal?
Proponents say that underground coal gasification could produce cleaner energy, but some environmentalists have their doubts.
An impossible Shangri-la
Another grandiose resort plan bites the dust.
How big should we be?
The September board meeting raised questions about how big HCN should be; artists and activists visit us.
Wanna hunt here? Just sign this petition
Landowners limit hunter access -- to protest gov. policies
Buddy, can ya spare a subscription?
Buddy, can ya spare a subscription?
Anonymous benefactor provides HCN subscriptions; hiking and peach-picking visitors; correction.
Clean(er) coal?
Turning coal into natural gas -- underground.
The high risk of leaving home
Most wolves seeking new turf end up dead.
Welcome, new HCN employees
New employees include computer whiz Mike Maxwell and circulation worker Ellen Kraus; Chip Giller of wins award; Jon Christensen is new director of the Bill Lane Center for the American West.
Tapping into methane
Coal mines may be able to turn waste greenhouse gas into energy.
Fall break
Fall break
HCN's fall break; a High Country News potluck picnic; visitors; giving due credit for a photo.
Lawless future indeed
California says its planned park closures carry big risks.
Book lust, Western-style
Book lust, Western-style
This fall looks to be a great season for bookworms, and HCN lists a number of new books either written by Western writers or somehow related to the West.
"To feel at home, stay at home."
This essays and book reviews in this special issue of High Country News revolve around the question: What does it mean to be at home in the West?
We can help bees by cleaning up our act
We can help bees by cleaning up our act
Pesticides, long road trips and junk food are hard on honeybees as well as humans.
The River Dry
Drought, climate change and reservoir-depletion risk on the Colorado River.
A wedding, a story
A wedding, a story
Visitors; editor's note on Gary Paul Nabhan's piece about Jon Jarvis.