Items by Paul Larmer

A brave new world of water
Water development in the West has always been about economic growth and enrichment, and current proposals for water use, whether from the public or private sector, need to be judged on their own merits
Essays for thought
There are as many ways to look at the West as there are lookers, as this special issue’s six essays demonstrate
To restore the West, go big and go native
Paul Larmer wants a native-seed industry to flourish in the West.
Learning to live with fire
Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado, which has experienced three major fires since 1996, can help teach the rest of the West how to live with wildfire
To restore the West, go big and go native
It is possible for human beings to live sustainably in the West, and native seeds may help to point the way
Like it or not, Utah’s controversial monument is here to stay
Paul Larmer tells Utah critics of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument that they’re fighting a losing battle
Reopening the wounds in southern Utah
It’s time for the people of southern Utah to accept that the West has changed, and that Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument is here to stay
Dear Friends
Your chance to weigh in on the redesign; Deb French is new outreach director; and Betsy and Ed Marston are still here
Pure and simple, wilderness is not
Wilderness has never been as simple a thing as it seems in our dreams, and in these days it’s up to all of us to work together – and often compromise – on legislation.
Dear friends
February board meeting in wintry Fort Collins, Colo.; thanks for helping our Spreading the News Campaign; we can’t get away with anything (corrections & emendations)
Wild times in the human weed patch
I never knew how wild my corner of the West was until my daughter started playing volleyball. It had nothing to do with volleyball or the way it transforms giggling adolescent girls into snarling competitive animals.
He sees the society behind the scenery
Interim HCN publisher Paul Larmer remembers his first encounter with retiring publisher Ed Marston, and considers what he - and the paper - have gained under Marston's aegis.
A new planning tool takes flight
CommunityViz's powerful new planning software allows citizens to get a clear look at how planned developments will actually look in the local landscape.
Dear Friends
Associate editor Rebecca Clarren plans to move back to the Northwest; books from Island Press; Chip Giller's on-line magazine, "Grist"; HCN's upcoming potluck at Park City, Utah; Albuquerque cemetery.
Dear Friends
Restoring the West is not simple; summer interns; correction on location of Sand Creek Massacre; HCN goes four-color on surveys; visitors.
Dear Friends
Busy ex-interns; staffers clean up adopted Highway 133; former intern David Havlick and HCN associate journalist Niels Sparre Nokkentved publish books; new senior editor Lolly Merrell; European readers critical of wolf management.
Dear Friends
A metamorphic moment in the paper's history as HCN produces a story with Radio HCN; visitors; HCN business of the month; Mary Sojourner to hold reading in Paonia; upcoming environmental summit; Diane Sylvain's back surgery; April Fool correction.
Dear Friends
Reporter Ray Ring on snowmobiles; talented West; Judge Greg Hobbs talks about water; Gosh, Hawk, we're sorry! And an update on the capital campaign.
Dear Friends
March weather; Tom Bell wins Conservationist of the Year Award; Hal Clifford is finalist in journalism awards; Ed Marston talks about Ed Abbey; visitors and boo-boos; HCN is halfway to its goal in the "Spreading the News" fund-raising campaign.
History's Lesson: Build another Noah's Ark
Paul Larmer interviews Wildlands Project biologist Michael Soule.
In the grip of Ungulate Fever
Life in western Colorado leads to many close encounters with deer and elk, both living and dead.
Dear Friends
Greg Hanscom writes from the Winter Olympics in his home town, Park City, Utah, and predicts an Olympic-sized hangover for the state; red-tailed hawk or northern goshawk? And a heart-warming letter from Dave Catterson about his late father, Paul.
Dear Friends
An educational journey down the Rio Grande; top books about Montana; visitors; misspellings.
Dear Friends
Spreading the News; more opinions; HCN meeting in Las Cruces, N.M., hears about life on the border; new interns Julie Elliott and Sarah Wright.
The American West is an island besieged
An encounter with an almost-extinct Hawaiian bird leads the writer to wonder whether the West's own wildlife and cultures can survive, or whether the region is fated to become a museum instead of a living landscape.
Dear Friends
HCN's wonderful senior editor, Michelle Nijhuis, moves on; visitors; unsentimental nature writing; correction on Idaho state fish.
Dear Friends
Winter break; Ray Ring writes on Montana; good books and such; visitors; Radio HCN update; HCN gets honorable mention for John B. Oakes award.
Dear Friends
Change from the inside out; remember Cate Gilles; more letters, please; Renny Russell and "On The Loose"; visitors; Herbert Hoover on water; sad news about Tommie Bell's death.
The enduring Endangered Species Act
Former Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt pushed collaboration as a way to save the Endangered Species Act, an approach that has helped to strengthen this strong and flexible law.
Dear Friends
About this issue; Paonia growth battle; Peter Chilson and other visitors; tribute to Chuck Wellner; axing the fax.