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Durango life requires a hefty commute
Durango life requires a hefty commute
This expensive Colorado town could benefit from high-density development.
Is the Rainbow Gathering a natural disaster?
Hot hot weather around the West, forest jihadis, accidental angling, and more
The American West and the Energiewende: Part II
We can have a renewables revolution that's even more robust than Germany's.
The summer of our discontent
How long will it be before tourists simply avoid the West during fire season?
Tribes battle austerity with energy development
As the West burns, Native American leaders convene to plan their energy future.
It’s too soon to end Arizona’s solar incentives
It’s too soon to end Arizona’s solar incentives
Net metering is under attack in one of the nation's sunniest states
Wildfire's silver lining
Wildfire's silver lining
Even the costliest blazes can boost local economies.
The affordable housing quandary
The affordable housing quandary
In many Western communities, the more careful you are with land-use planning and wildlife conservation, the less you're doing for worker housing.
Our favorite wildfire and weather apps
Keep abreast of the burning planet with these iPhone applications!
The power grid may determine whether we can kick our carbon habit
The power grid may determine whether we can kick our carbon habit
How the huge and fragile network of wires intertwined into our very existence may determine whether we can kick our carbon habit.
A swim through housing data
Home prices are rebounding, even in the most troubled markets, but what does it mean?
Going off grid is easy!
But you'll probably never do it, and here's why.
Rooftop solar is killing your utility!
But don't write a eulogy yet
Drones are not just for killing
An excuse to watch some cool videos, filmed from unmanned aircraft.
Arizona's impending solar war
Battle lines are drawn as AZ's biggest utility threatens to axe net metering
Climate change, not terrorists, is the real threat to the power grid
A substation sabotage in San Jose stirs up the conspiracy theorists
The river and the drought
A rafting trip with low water and dust storms on the San Juan River drives the dryness home
Is coal making a comeback?
A "symbiotic relationship" between natural gas and renewables has yet to make as much headway as hoped.
Help the economy: Start a fire.
Expensive mega-fires have some economic upsides for local communities.
An upside to the gun-buying frenzy
As gun sales have soared, so has wildlife restoration funding.
Uranium ban rethink?
What if a ban on extraction could be used as a bargaining chip to benefit the community?
Energy imbalance WTF?!
A little-noticed deal could be a big deal for renewable energy in the West