Items by Sarah Gilman

What's it like looking out for hundreds of firefighters in Interior Alaska? Hopefully ho-hum enough to snuggle up with a good book.
A wedding, a story
A wedding, a story
Visitors; editor's note on Gary Paul Nabhan's piece about Jon Jarvis.
Milk: It doesn't always do a body good
A comprehensive list of dairy accidents and deaths in the West
A bear ate my old landlord?!
HCN staffer Tammy York talks about basement living and close encounters of the wild kind
Don't feed the animals
Fatal black bear attack is only third on record in Colorado.
Alternative alternative energy in the West
Assistant Editor Sarah Gilman chats about HCN's summer special issue
Kitten caboodle
Colorado's reintroduced lynx finally start having babies again
Thinking Past the Moment
Thinking Past the Moment
The Sierra Club's Carl Zichella discusses the balancing act involved in finding the best -- and least environmentally sensitive -- places to put big renewable energy projects
Visitors from underground
Visitors from underground
Spelunkers visit High Country News; correction; obituaries for N.W. Grosse-Rhode and Ramon Mena Owens.
Salmon scuffle
Federal agency and author disagree on High Country News story
For the love of wastelands
For the love of wastelands
Is it possible to develop large-scale solar projects and transmission lines without sacrificing the West’s wide-open landscapes and deserts?
Pika power-downer
Feds may extend protections to most adorable animal ever
Kickstarting salmon salvation?
Obama administration makes new moves for endangered fish
Westerners have a knack for new and innovative thinking, such as: Redefining rancher politics, A rediscovered renewable, Creating public nooks and crannies and more.
Westerners have a knack for new and innovative thinking, as this special issue of HCN shows.
If you can't beat 'em, shoot 'em.
Idaho proposal to cull Lolo-area wolves is back before the feds.
Revving the "engine"
The Department of the Interior hints at plans to buoy the economy
Mule deer anti-decline?
Ungulates rebound (just a little) in Wyoming's Pinedale Anticline gas field
Move over Yucca Mountain...
There's a controversial new repository in town
Hard left turn
Interior Secretary Salazar nixes controversial Utah oil and gas leases
Bust! Bust!
Economic crisis slows Colorado's dueling booms
Solar sense
You don't necessarily have to pave the desert to harness the sun
BLM's Utah plans on shaky legal ground
Federal judge questions agency's analysis of air pollution from natural gas development
Gearing up for another energy rush?
Feds move to streamline renewable energy development on public land.
The return of Colorado's missing lynx
The return of Colorado's missing lynx
Colorado's reintroduced lynx are in trouble, and a detailed map shows where -- and why -- they’re facing problems.
EPA botched perchlorate analysis, report says
The agency failed to assess how the rocket fuel component acts in concert with other chemicals.
Another public lands giveaway?
BLM opens southeastern Montana to more drilling. But the state has new tools to protect the area.
What goes around comes around
A student protester puts one over on the BLM.
Real ecoterrorism
A little perspective from south of the border.
That dam economy again?
Feds shut down Yakima Black Rock Reservoir proposal over cost concerns.