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Mother Nature rides an ATV
Factory Butte closed to ORVs
One dam down; four in limbo
Oregon’s Chiloquin dam to come down
BLM busted for booting whistleblower
BLM ordered to pay whistleblower Earle Dixon
Will your favorite Forest Service campsite be closed down next summer?
Forest Service may close campgrounds
Some 'canned' elk get uncanned
Game elk escape in Idaho
'They both do not exist'
Quote by Wyoming Attorney General Patrick Crank
Give us your poor, your uninsured...
Many Westerners live in poverty, but even more lack health insurance
The longevity of place and race
Life expectancy in the West
Free will flounders in the courts
Judges throw out some libertarian ballot measures
Take that nuke waste and shove it
Skull Valley Goshute Tribe’s nuclear-waste storage plan rejected
Half a Roan for gas, and half for everyone else
Nobody’s happy with BLM’s Roan Plateau plan
It's shady in the Interior
Interior Department blasted by its own watchdog
Roadless returns!
Judge reinstates Clinton roadless rule
More Radio Waves
Independent radio series and specials cover community sustainability
Energy Colonizes the West
Acres leased for drilling in the West
A little wild
Percentage of federally owned land and wilderness in Western states
Two weeks in the West
Bush cuts EPA library budget; BLM admits failure to protect air quality and wildlife around Pinedale, Wyo., gas fields; California announces perchlorate limits for drinking water; Grand Junction, Colo., passes ordinance against drilling
The Hot West
Graphics show the location of the West’s nuclear sites and uranium sources, and the nuclear fuel cycle is described
Two weeks in the West
Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne kicks off "listening tour" on "cooperative conservation"; court shoots down Forest Service’s anti-public input rules; Idaho judge blasts BLM’s similar anti-public input rules; feds ignore states’ requests for roadless acreage
Two weeks in the West
Third parties can no longer challenge public-land sales to mining companies; BLM violated NEPA in leasing Utah wilderness-quality parcels to oil and gas companies; Divine Strake weapons test at Nevada Test Site delayed; Congress reforms conservation easement
Two Weeks in the West
Dying aspens; healthier Gila trout; salmon blamed for electric bills; greens and motorheads reach wilderness entente; last big anti-Grand Staircase lawsuit tossed out; Southern Nevada Water Authority buys Warm Springs Ranch; Data: Water can soak you; and
Reader Feedback
Feedback from a recent online reader survey
Communities and Forests: Where People Meet theLand
Communities and Forests: Where People Meet the Land, is a collection of essays, edited by Robert G. Lee and Donald R Field, examining changing styles of forest management
Legend of the Eagleman
Wayne Parrish’s Legend of the Eagleman is a suspenseful and engaging novel set in the world of tribal casino gambling
High Country Zoo Special Edition - Apr. 1
A special April 1st issue of High Country Zoo contains stories about the Bureau of Land Ravagement and National Park Circus, as well as reviews of best-sellers like Memoirs of a Grazer.
National Parks and the Woman's Voice
National Parks and the Woman’s Voice by Polly Welts Kaufman examines the role of women in the National Park Service
Skinny Streets and Green Neighborhoods
In Skinny Streets and Green Neighborhoods, writers Cynthia Girling and Ronald Kellett examine ecologically sound communities
Blowing bubbles
In the West, the real estate market is the new gold rush
Exploring High Mountain Lakes in the Rockies
Exploring High Mountain Lakes in the Rockies by biologist Fred W. Rabe takes a detailed look at mountain lakes, describing their formation, geology and aquatic plants and animals
Got Sun? Go Solar
In Got Sun? Go Solar, writers Rex A. Ewing and Doug Pratt explain how to carry out home renewable energy projects