Tent City

Inside Fresno's Taco Flat


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Tarp Nation

In Fresno, Calif., tent cities and shantytowns with names like Taco Flat have sprung up to house the poor and dispossessed.

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Anonymous says:
Mar 20, 2009 04:00 PM
Thanks. As depressing as this is, it is a reality. Low income housing is impossible to find in the town I live in. I live in a small rural city in the Eastern Sierra, and we too have homeless folks out and about. I hope stories/videos like this will wake people up, because I think many people have blinders on their eyes and don't want to see this or admit that it is a severe problem.
Anonymous says:
Jan 28, 2010 10:51 AM
There are many individuals who live in Tent City. Each person has their own story regarding the struggles and barriers they face on an every day basis. Tent City is a wonderful place to donate items in. Recently my sister and I colledcted donations from friends and families and took them down to Tent City. The individuals who recived the items were very thankful. Blankets, jackets and clothing were popular items. We highly recommend everyone to take items they don't use and donate them to individuals who are homeless. This is a great experience that can help make someones day a little bit better.