Podcast: The 21st century prospector of Storey County, Nevada

Real estate tycoon and Mustang Ranch owner Lance Gilman talks about his checkered past.


Nevada is in the process of reinventing itself as a state, from the home of gambling to the West's latest tech and manufacturing hub. At the center of that transformation is Lance Gilman, a man who has transformed himself multiple times. Gilman worked in the music industry in his early career, then got into real estate in the 1980s. He has owned and sold everything from boat marinas and McMansions to his latest bet: 100,000 acres of dusty mountain ranges in northern Nevada, called the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center (TRIC).

Gilman is both the county commissioner and the largest land-owner in Storey County, where TRIC is located. So far he has attracted more than 120 companies to the area, most notably Tesla, but he has room for hundreds more. Fun fact: In order to shore up the county's tax base and keep TRIC afloat, a few years ago Gilman purchased Storey County's legal brothel, the Mustang Ranch. Learn more about this modern-day prospector in the latest episode of Range. 

Range podcast produces stories of the New American West and is co-hosted by reporters Amy Westervelt and Julia Ritchey. Photo by Kyle Roerink/The Las Vegas Sun/AP