HCN Articles

A watershed proposal
Colorado's only wild and scenic river may be harnessed for a water storage project.
Public lands precedent?
The Bureau of Land Management pulls parcels from a Utah lease sale -- but the action may not mean what conservationists think it does.
Hatching a plan for sage grouse
A new report suggests the battle to protect the greater sage grouse in Wyoming must be fought on many fronts.
Losing their luster
This fall, Colorado's iconic aspen are more brown than golden -- the trees are succumbing to a mysterious die-off.
Free range
The Bureau of Land Management exempts grazing permit renewals and other activities from environmental oversight.
Red Mountain miracle
In southern Colorado, conservation groups find a way to save 9,000 high-altitude acres from second-home development.
The great American cat fight
Environmentalists and Fish and Wildlife battle over the return of the jaguar to Southwestern borderlands.
From weapons to wildlife
A former nuclear weapons plant in Colorado is the latest addition to the nation’s wildlife refuge system.
Super rodents build super habitat
In the Southwest’s Chihuahuan Desert, prairie dogs and kangaroo rats provide food and shelter for a host of other animals.
Pipe dreams
Leaky irrigation ditches in Washington’s Methow Valley have made the desert bloom, at the expense of endangered salmon.
Love for the clay-loving buckwheat
In western Colorado, a coalition has rallied to buy habitat for one of the world’s rarest plants.
A dustup over weed control
The BLM’s plans to spray nearly a million acres with herbicides have some environmentalists fuming, but biologists and land managers welcome the policy.
Getting fresh with the West’s groundwater
A new desalination technology uses the sun and your air conditioner to create fresh water.
Turning the tide
Washington tribes will receive millions to give up shellfish-harvesting treaty rights that they’ve never been able to enjoy.
Utah plans to join the Wild and Scenic Rivers System
Utah and Nevada are the only Western states without federally-designated "Wild and Scenic" rivers.
The perils of secrecy
Is the wolverine, the country’s most enigmatic predator, in danger of extinction, or just misunderstood?
Making a killing to save Arizona's desert bighorn sheep
In order to save bighorn sheep, wildlife officials kill a mountain lion, and more sheep.
Advice from a horse
An HCN intern goes for a backcountry horse ride, and learns that while sharing trails can be a challenge, the payoff is worth it.
A struggling sea
California's largest lake, the Salton Sea, is on the verge of ecological collapse.
In the Arizona desert, feathers are flying
Bald eagles are about to be delisted, but conservationists and the Fish and Wildlife Service are battling over whether Arizona's desert-nesting eagles should be kept under the wing of the Endangered Species Act.