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  • Zion's geriatric cottonwoods

    Cottonwood trees in Utah's Zion National Park may vanish in the next few decades, according to a study by the park and the Grand Canyon Trust that recommends removal of flood-protection stone levees as a way to save the trees.

  • Does desert cross cross the line?

    A cross placed on Mojave National Preserve by Veterans of Foreign Wars as a memorial is the center of controversy between the National Park Service and the American Civil Liberties Union, which claims it violates the separation of church and state.

  • Permanent user fees in the pipeline

    The Bush administration wants to permanently install user fees for recreation on public lands, but opponents are speaking out.

  • Paul Fritz left a unique legacy for the ParkService

    The late Paul Fritz is remembered as a conservationist whose years in the Park Service reflect a man who was independent and outspoken.

  • 'Which parks aren't relevant to black history?'

    'Which parks aren't relevant to black history?'

    A black former park ranger talks about diversity on public lands.

  • Parks for all?

    Parks for all?

    The National Park Service struggles to connect with a changing America.

  • Hunting and fishing revenue by state

    Hunting and fishing revenue by state

    Plus the management budget those dollars provide.

  • A path to the parks

    A path to the parks

    A minority college student describes her experience interning with the National Park Service.

  • The vital diversity of our parks

    The vital diversity of our parks

    By making our national parks more welcoming to minorities, we realize the potential of “America’s Best Idea.”

  • The national park popularity contest

    The national park popularity contest

    An Oklahoma senator’s financial fix for our national treasures.

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