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  • A long walk into hope

    Bill McKibben’s new book, Wandering Home, is a hopeful account of a leisurely hike across northeastern America, as relevant to the West as it is to the East

  • On the prowl with Oregon's pygmy owls

    On the prowl with Oregon's pygmy owls

    Biologist John Deshler knows more about pygmy owls than just about anyone. Writer Nick Neely spent a fascinating day with Deshler tracking, capturing and measuring the owls in Portland's Forest Park.

  • Stay in the Hunt

    Jim Posewitz believes hunters can help save the planet with their clear-sighted, on-the-ground conservation ethic.

  • Power of the picture

    Power of the picture

    High Country News photographer Morgan Heim joins the International League of Conservation Photographers to document the gasfields and the wildlands around Pinedale, Wyo.

  • Let's hear it for a bipartisan-minded Republican

    Let's hear it for a bipartisan-minded Republican

    Ronald Reagan conserved the environment while also being a Republican.

  • The difficulties of cohabitation

    Despite its problems and failures – many of them arising from the conflict between the United States’ growing population and our declining wildlife habitat – the Endangered Species Act is a necessary law

  • Got Sun? Go Solar

    In Got Sun? Go Solar, writers Rex A. Ewing and Doug Pratt explain how to carry out home renewable energy projects

  • The right-wing heiress who changed course in the desert

    The right-wing heiress who changed course in the desert

    Looking back on Bazy Tankersley: publisher, rancher and conservationist

  • The affordable housing quandary

    The affordable housing quandary

    In many Western communities, the more careful you are with land-use planning and wildlife conservation, the less you're doing for worker housing.

  • Alaska's wildlife war

    Alaska's wildlife war

    The federal government pushes back as the state ramps up control of wolves and other predators.

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