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  • Idaho activists win one

    A federal judge in Idaho overturns the 1995 conviction of 12 activists charged with violating a road closure in the Cove-Mallard area.

  • Tagging a protest

    The AZ NoFee Coalition is protesting the user fee demonstration program in the Red Rock area of Coconino National Forest in Arizona.

  • The timber sale that won't die

    The Eagle Creek timber sale in Mount Hood National Forest near Portland, Ore., is a mecca for protesters, but some say the sale is environmentally sound, and the protests are much ado about nothing.

  • Idaho woods again inspire "acts of conscience'

    The third summer of the Cove/Mallard Coalition's protests against logging in central Idaho begins with arrests and lawsuits.

  • Utah vandalism includes spiked trees

    Recent vandalism in Utah includes spiked trees and dead cows.

  • Logging protesters say they won't give up

    Activists face arrest for protesting Cove-Mallard timber sale.

  • Quincy collaboration heads to court

    The Quincy Library Group plans a lawsuit to challenge the Sierra Nevada Framework, which the group says has "killed" its own collaborative plan for national forest management.

  • A price tag for protest

    The Oregon Department of Forestry wants to charge protesters for timber that can't be cut in forests such as the Tillamook, where tree-sitting activists have held longtime protests.

  • Protests from the (tree)top down

    A new film, "Tree-Sit: The Art of Resistance," documents years of protests against clear-cut logging in Northern California's Headwaters Forest.

  • Cheeky protesters cleared

    Earth First!ers are cleared of mooning charges.

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