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  • Tunneling under California's Bay Delta water wars

    Tunneling under California's Bay Delta water wars

    Environmentalists and fishermen have panned past versions of Gov. Jerry Brown's new proposal for water export tunnels, but it might actually help endangered fish.

  • Farmers asked to ante up for salmon

    In Washington's Methow Valley, irrigators are up in arms over the National Marine Fisheries Service claim that leaky ditches take too much water and kill endangered salmon.

  • Living off a leaky canal

    A plan to line with concrete the border's All-American Canal would save water for California, but endanger the livelihood of 30,000 people in Mexico's Mexicali Valley, who use the "wasted" water in agriculture.

  • Will farmers harvest a legal take?

    Klamath Basin farmers see a precedent in irrigators in the Tulare Lake Basin, Calif., who sued the federal government, claiming it unfairly took $25 million worth of water when it shut down pumps to protect endangered fish.

  • The man in the rubber boots

    A day spent helping to "bring in the water" on an irrigation ditch leads the writer to muse about the green landscapes in the dry West.

  • Fast food at fault

    Waste from french fry production pollutes wells with nitrates, report says.

  • Water for the taking: Some irrigators get loose with the law

    Irrigators are depleting Oregon's Umatilla River.

  • For the full scolding

    BuRec falls down on job of managing water, audit concludes.

  • Farmers spin federal dollars into hay

    Utah farmers receive money for water conservation.

  • Holy water

    A part-time farmer in drought-stricken northeast Oregon founds "church" to obtain umlimited water use.

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