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  • This trip's to the pits

    ASARCO Inc. is offering tours of its giant Mission Mine near Tucson, Ariz.

  • Mine all dressed up with nowhere to go

    The controversial proposed Carlota copper mine near Pinto Creek in southern Arizona has all the permits it needs, but activists hope an uncertain copper market and the company's financial troubles will keep it from opening.

  • Can a copper firm restore a blasted ecosystem?

    Kennecott Copper wants to clean up Bingham Canyon copper mine on its own, while Environmental Protection Agency wants to make it a Superfund site.

  • Busted town pursues industrial recreation

    Anaconda wants to boost its economy by building a golf course on top of its tailings piles.

  • Battle brews over a wilderness mother lode

    Activists are fighting a copper and silver mine planned for underneath the Cabinet Mountains Wilderness in Montana.

  • Phelps Dodge gets a D in mining

    The Phelps Dodge copper mining company is a bad neighbor, report shows.

  • The Berkeley Pit gets deeper

    Skyrocketing electric rates and a resulting shutdown of operations by copper mining company Montana Resources mean that increased untreated runoff is flowing into the Berkeley Pit, the country's largest Superfund site.

  • Rock jocks fight a mining company

    Resolution Copper Company is trying to obtain a land swap in order to mine at Arizona’s Oak Flat campground, a popular rock-climbing spot

  • Remember the mines before China buys them all

    Remember the mines before China buys them all

    China is far ahead of the U.S. when it comes to remembering the importance of the copper mines our modern technology depends on.

  • Alaska tribes attempt to block the controversial Pebble Mine

    Alaska tribes attempt to block the controversial Pebble Mine

    Some of the last surviving salmon-based cultures turn to the EPA to protect their communities.

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