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  • A long walk into hope

    Bill McKibben’s new book, Wandering Home, is a hopeful account of a leisurely hike across northeastern America, as relevant to the West as it is to the East

  • The Mountain Encyclopedia

    The Mountain Encyclopedia by Frederic V. Hartemann and Robert Hauptman delivers intriguing, well-illustrated facts and figures about mountainous topics from all over the world

  • Hard work in progress

    Dale Shewalter's group, the Arizona Trail Association, has been working since 1988 on establishing a north-south route all the way across Arizona.

  • Intrepid explorer with a cause

    Soren Jesperson's five-month, 2,200-mile solo trek around the Four Corners area will raise money for the Center for Humanitarian Outreach and Cultural Exchange, a charity his father directs.

  • Four-ton bandage applied to trampled peak

    Forest Service employee Loretta McEllhiney finds creative ways to restore heavily trampled and eroded hiking trails on Colorado's Mt. Elbert.

  • A natural vacation

    Unused fire lookouts in forests open to vacationers.

  • Sacred places: The West's new, booming extractive industry

    No place is safe from nature-loving Baby Boomers, essayist says.

  • Whose fault? A Utah canyon turns deadly

    The deaths of two hikers in Utah raise legal and ethical questions about risk and responsibility.

  • The Park Service didn't put my son in a coma

    The severe injury of her son in a hiking accident leads the writer to meditate on the need to take personal responsibility in the outdoors.

  • No room at the top

    American Mountain Foundation tries to save Colorado's "Fourteeners" from being loved to death by climbers.

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