The Working West in Photos

SUBMIT up to three of your image(s) starting June 7, through midnight, July 4, 2010. Click on an image to enlarge it. VOTE for your favorites (within the enlarged view frame) through midnight, July 18, 2010.
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Old West meets New West

Old West meets New West

by — Sheep drive on the road near Durango Co.

The topic: There are many ways to work hard in the West's landscapes and communities. Submit your image(s) of living or inanimate objects that are hard at work in the American West.

About submitting images: Entrants may submit up to three (3) photos for each photo contest, in JPEG, PNG and GIF file formats only; each image submitted may be no larger than 2 megabytes in size.

About voting on images: Instead of making you choose only one entry to vote for, we decided to allow viewers to vote positively for any entry they want to -- one vote per viewer, per image. But be careful - you can't undo your vote once you've clicked the "vote" button, so CHOOSE CAREFULLY!