Stories of the Working West

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Busted Beer Cans and Baby Culture

by Hoosiermuse (Jeff Muse) — Gary Snyder, Jack Kerouac and lookout tales in the North Cascades

Busted Beer Cans and Baby Culture

by Hoosiermuse (Jeff Muse) — Jun 05, 2010

Gary Snyder, Jack Kerouac and lookout tales in the North Cascades

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A Deer is a Deer and an Elk is an Elk

by Ilona — Jun 03, 2010

The true story of a humble, brilliant and humorous game biologist

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Sagebrush Solitaire

by mtnpoppies — Jun 01, 2010

True story about a bittersweet, personal experience on the Arizona Strip. A sagebrush solitaire.

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Is Pot Farming in My Future?

by Margaretthefarmer — Jun 07, 2010

A 52-year-old organic farmer looks at the twists of fate that have brought her to a difficult decision: Should she switch from vegetables to marijuana cultivation?

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Sunburnt and saddlesore in the land of shining mountains

by MattBarnes — Jun 07, 2010

A story of the working West, and of a West that is working. Stewardship of western rangeland, using holistic management and planned grazing as a tool for economic, ecological, and social resilience.

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Catch of the Day

by BisonDoc — Jun 01, 2010

Adventures of a modern day bison hunter

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Working Wooded Landscapes

by trb2dog — May 15, 2010

An essay about forestry in the west.

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State Park Ranger

by Alpine — May 23, 2010

A much too brief story about being a ranger in Northern California State Parks; they don't make rangers that way anymore.

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Wilderness and The Preservation of Work

by IndianCreekRanch — Jun 07, 2010

designated wilderness has paradoxically preserved methods of work that were once used in wide scale resource extraction. Such work connects us with not only the history of the frontier but also our industrial past.

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Making It Work, Somehow

by sarahisfree — May 21, 2010

A short essay on what working in the West means to me. 22, Monticello Utah.

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"Resilient" is often a word that is used to describe people who live and work in the American West, and many of these folks often have tough - but fulfilling - jobs. Share your ideas about how people (or animals, or machines) have helped make the West what it is today. Or, describe a person, group, project, job or idea that contributes in an important way to the West, whether it be at the local or regional level. It’s easy to sum up your perspective with a few paragraphs (up to about 900 words)! We promise, this is NOT an exam, so submit your entry today!