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My Strangest Encounter with a Person, Place, or Thing in the West

Entries: (11)
Began: Jul 05, 2010
Ended: Aug 16, 2010

SUBMIT your story starting July 5, through midnight, August 1, 2010. VOTE for your favorites through midnight, August 15, 2010.
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Winning Entry


Room With A View

by sebreno — A picturesque view can distort one's perception

Blue Whale Units

by rkatz — Jul 14, 2010

Apt comparisons are sometimes elusive, but comparing the size of a giant tree to a creature that lives in the ocean and is rarely seen in its entirety is not that useful. How many blue whales do "fit" in a giant Sequoia?

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by EAnglin — Jul 26, 2010

A spirit medium describes her strangest experience of paranormal activity in the west.

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The Kaibab Hum

by mtnpoppies — Jul 26, 2010

It only happened at dusk and at night and I was the only one to hear it. It sounded like underground drilling for uranium.

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Why I Hugged A Stranger Today

by gretchenscutts — Jul 26, 2010

A wildersness encounter between two disparate hikers.

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Watering the Concrete

by Alpine — Jul 05, 2010

Rattles, fangs and a shovel.

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The Illusive Storm

by gwenhoffnagle — Jul 12, 2010

A scary and unusual thunderstorm.

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Afternoon of the Fawn

by marco — Jul 26, 2010

A disturbing discovery along the Cross Mountain Trail in Colorado.

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Lion Tamer

by wv987 — Aug 01, 2010

An unexpected and unrequited encounter with a mountain lion high in the Sierra Nevada.

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My Strangest Encounter with a Person, Place or Thing in the West

by pagosawriter — Jul 26, 2010

All the things that happened on one trip across Nevada.

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A Different Kind of Cow Pie

by EdithIsidoro — Aug 01, 2010

A female college student finds a very unusual cow pie that isn't a cow pie after all. Her reaction to finding this unusual cow pie surprises her coworkers such that they never again tease her about what she'll do if she finds a rattle snake.

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The title pretty much sums it up, don't you think?