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The West is not just about the varied terrain in which we live, but the collection of perspectives and realities of the people who occupy this inspiring land. Add your voice to High Country News – or enjoy those of other readers – and embrace your community of fellow people who care about the West.

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How High Country News informs and inspires me

Entries: (2)
Began: Mar 01, 2010
Ended: Apr 12, 2010

Thanks to our story submitters and all those who voted! Read the winning entry, "The Lost Roads of Westwater Canyon," here. The story begins, "We walked the gravel and granite "bench" above the Miner's Cabin at the entrance to the Westwater Canyon Wilderness Study Area. Cut by the Colorado River, Westwater Canyon, in eastern Utah, is a deeply incised cleft..."
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Winning Entry


The Lost Roads of Westwater Canyon

by Gregory Trainor — An October 16, 1995 High Country News article inspires a reader to roll up his sleeves and get involved with reclamation efforts.

A Musing West

by Jedicookiemonster — Mar 28, 2010

With small town lifestyles people tend to be more helpful, and oppinionated. HCN provides a foundation for greater understanding.

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